Doha Lifts

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Doha Lifts products are the perfect solution to moving materials, boxes and other items without strain products are the perfect solution to moving materials, boxes and other items without strain, It is a compact-sized hand lift truck and it can be placed in a narrow place easily.

micro-computer process control systems,from high-end elevator control system,advantaged technology platform is the most efficient elevator operation,the most secure one of the elevator control system for the rapid development of residential construction to provide the best vertical transportation program.


the special lift type frequency converter.It takes the control theory of the advantaged technology as the foundation.It is genuinely a current vector control frequency converter,its drives system takes the human feel towards the speed as the principle.It aims to design the starting,acceleration,brake curve with the finest coziness.

1.Convenient and labor saving electrical release system.
2.Its low profile runway design with a minimum height of 160mm allows the vehicle going on and off the lifting platform conveniently.
3.Adjustable distance between two platforms can be well applicable to vehicles of different width.
4.Th 24V control box and limit switch considers your safety operation.
5.Aluminum motor prevents overheating caused by long time working.
6.The mechanical lock engages automatically in lifting process.
7.Valid protection system for broken steel cable or oil hose,Low height alarming buzzer brings your attention to safety operation.
8.Reserved hand pump joint on hydraulic block for emergency lowering.
9.It has been proofed by dynamic test with115%of rated capacity and static test with 150%of rated capacity.
10.CE Certificated.

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Doha Elevators

Doha Elevators

Doha Lifts

Doha Lifts alarming buzzer brings your attention to safety operation prevents overheating caused by long time working

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