Doha Lifts adopts the most advanced door machine system which utilizes the variable voltage and frequency technology control door machine.It makes it smooth and comfortable for open and shut and cuts down the trip cycle designed in compliance with defined industry safety and performance standards and are a perfect fit at places where standard alternatives are not suitable.


which performs quick and noiseless operations. These lifts are equipped with flexible control system, which totally depends on the number of floor to be served and the amount of service required. These lifts find application in public houses, restaurants, hotels and cafes. Moreover, we provide automatic and manual dumb waiter lifts to meet special order of our clients.

with/without drive operation
Automatic return to the base landing
Automatic landing
Call cancel when begin reverse-running
Cage door opening when elevator arrives the floor where there is a hall call
Door opening / closing call indication
Indication in the cage when hall calling
Self-Learning of shaft data
Full load non-stop operation
Overload alarm, Car Operating panel display: “OL”
Alarming device
In-car and m/r inter talk device
Light and fan auto-control
Elevator Locking Device
Door closing time auto delaying
False-call canceling
Emergency Light
Driven over current protection
Door opening / closing time-limited protection
Rope sliding protection
Door Nudging
Trouble self-diagnosis and memory
Over speed falling protection
Top/Bottom landing overpass protection
Inspection Operation
Floor display
Light curtain protection with mechanical safety edge
Fireman’s return switch

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Qatar Lifts

Qatar Lifts Organic Board with Metal Bar and Pentagon Steel Plate Spraying Board se the matured car elevation technology to reduce the noise and more stable lifting

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Qatar Escalators high grade steel material provide a larger capacity and longer life circle.

Doha Elevators

Doha Elevators

Doha Lifts

Doha Lifts alarming buzzer brings your attention to safety operation prevents overheating caused by long time working

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Doha Escalators Company in Qatar with elegance style special sculpt smooth line stable operation and advanced technology and the advanced technology to design and manufacture the goods.

Qatar Elevators

Qatar Elevators is dedicated to achieve the ultimate in excellence in our products and services manufacturing unit has the capacity to manufacture the products as per customer’s requirements.

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